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Locally-Sourced Ingredients                All-Natural                 From-Scratch              Baked On-Site                     Seasonal Menu
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Moist chocolate cake topped with smooth and creamy peanut butter frosting and finished with a smooth chocolate ganache.

Creamy Coconut*
Creamy white cake infused with real coconut, topped with cream cheese frosting and garnished with toasted coconut flakes.

German Chocolate**
German chocolate cake smothered with a gooey coconut-pecan frosting and finished with a smooth chocolate ganache.

Vanilla on Vanilla*
Deliciously traditional vanilla cake frosted with butter cream frosting.  Need a chocolate kick?  Ask for our fabulous Fudgy Chocolate Frosting instead of vanilla butter cream.
Triple Chocolate
Moist chocolate cake topped with fudgy chocolate frosting and finished with a smooth chocolate ganache.

Red Velvet
Silky and velvety, this cocoa-based cake is frosted with cream cheese frosting and finished with a poured chocolate ganache.

Gluten-Free Carrot**
Freshly shredded organic carrots, blended with our fabulous spiced batter, then frosted with cream cheese frosting. Dairy-free and vegan versions are available with dairy-free frosting upon request ($5 extra).

Caramel Macaroon**
​We sandwich toasted pecans, coconut, and ganache between alternating layers of coconut and chocolate cake, frosted with caramel buttercream, and comprising the fine quality flavors of an adult chocolate candy bar cake!

Orange Grove Cake with White Chocolate Mousse**
Orange zest and freshly squeezed juice is incorporated into our light vanilla cake, then layered with from-scratch white chocolate mousse, and finished with sweet cream frosting. 
Chocolate Bliss
Moist chocolate cake blanketed in our deliciously smooth cream cheese frosting then a generous pour of chocolate ganache to top it off.

Chocolate Salted Caramel*
Moist chocolate cake filled and frosted with our Sea Salt Caramel Frosting and garnished with chocolate ganache and our house made caramel. 

Salted Caramel*
A delicious traditional Vanilla cake drizzled with our house-made caramel in the batter and then frosted with a Sea Salt Caramel Frosting.

Lemon Bliss*
Lemon cake made with freshly zested and juiced lemons, layered and frosted with a lightly sweet and tart lemon frosting.

Mocha Chocolate
Moist chocolate caked filled and frosted with a creamy mocha frosting that has been infused with real espresso, then drizzled with chocolate ganache.

​Coconut Chocolate Chunk*
A house favorite!  Moist chocolate cake layered and topped with toasted coconut and dark chocolate chunks to create a delicious textured crunch in each bite. 

Coconut Craze Cake*
Similar to the Coconut Chunk Cake, but we substitute one layer of chocolate cake for one layer of Creamy Coconut Cake.

Almond Mocha*
A twist on our Coconut Craze Cake, again we take two different cake layers and combine them for one fabulous cake! One layer of Almond, cut in half and sandwiching a thick moist layer of Chocolate, complimented by Espresso frosting on the interior and exterior. Finished with drizzled dark chocolate ganache.

Coconut Flake Cake with Lemon Curd**
From scratch lemon curd is layered between toasted coconut flake cake and frosted with a sweet cream frosting.​
Whole Cakes
Petite Cake:  $27 - $28* - $29**(serves 6-8)
Standard Cake:  $36 - $37* - $38**(serves 12)
Tall Cake:  $50 - $55* - $59** (serves 20- 25)
Party Cake:  $60 - $65* - $70**  (serves 30-35)
Grand Cake:  $80 - $85* - $90** (serves 50)
Add $1 for Custom Piped Message on Cake
Add $3 per Custom Color of Frosting
(A minimum of one dozen per flavor is required for advanced orders)
Petite Cupcakes ~ $15 / $18 ** per dozen 
Standard Cupcakes ~ $30 / $33**  per dozen
Add $3 for each custom color 
Custom Piping and Decor available, please inquire.
By the Slice
We rotate our 
by-the-slice cake flavors on a daily basis at our storefront location.  Please call to inquire about today's selections.

Place an Order
72-hour notice required for all dessert orders...the sooner the better.  Phone in, e-mail or visit our storefront location to place your order. 
Cake & Cupcake Menu

Celebration Cakes:
Available for pre-order, we would love to add a personal touch to your special occasions!  Select your favorite design and make it yours by customizing color or pattern.